Saturday, November 15, 2014

Inferencing time

Last week we reviewed what an inference was. Students learned that an inference was an educated guess using story clues and brain clues. Inferencing can be a harder skill for some students as you can not find the answer directly in the story. Students need to guess the answer using clues in the text and their prior knowledge (schema).

For example,  if you went to sit by your best friend at lunch and she got up and moved as soon as you sat down, you could infer she was mad at you.  Students are constantly making inferences to know how a character feels.

We practice inferring in class using a 'thinkmark'. A thinkmark is a bookmark where they record the book clues, their brain clues, and the inference they made. It is important that students use both text and brain clues. Often they rely solely on brain clues and do not notice details in the story.

Here a few websites to practice inferring. Many students had lessons on inferring on I-Ready Reading so they were ready to sharpen these skills!

Practice Quiz
Inference Millionaire
More practice site