Thursday, April 24, 2014

We love Tomie dePaola

This week we have begun studying Tomie dePaola. He is an extremely well known author/illustrator of children's books. He's been publishing books for over 40 years and has written and/or illustrated nearly 250 books! Over 15 million copies of his books have sold all over the world.

During our study, we will be completing an attribute chart on each of his stories. We will keep track of each stories theme, genre, characters, setting, plot, movement through time, and special author's crafts. This is a great way for students to see the connections between stories and learn how to analyze books.
We will also be writing a response to one of Tomie's stories. This response will include a summary, theme, claim, compare/contrast, and connection paragraph. Students will learn how to use specific evidence from the story to support each of their paragraphs.

I can't wait to dive into more of his stories during the next few weeks. Feel free to browse and learn a bit more about Tomie below. Also, check out your local library for some Tomie books!

Tomie Website

Book Summaries